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Bank of America - $971,117,67

Very prompt.
Wonderful follow-thru!
Very helpful and detail oriented.

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Vicki A. - $47,413,87

I had no idea the money existed!
I was shocked that I received this
money utilizing Global's

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Richard and Mary M. - $35,240.69

I was skeptical at first.
However, Global Discoveries was
very thorough in explaining the
process. I was tremendously
impressed throughout the entire
effort to recover our funds.

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How it works

When you select Global Discoveries to recover lost or unclaimed assets on your behalf, we manage the entire process and handle every detail. Once we receive your signed authorization, we gather all necessary information and documentation, complete the required forums and submit the claim to the asset custodian(s). read more

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It is estimated that 9 in 10 Americans are owed cash that goes unclaimed . Some of this money probably belongs to you. The question is how much? is an unclaimed money search database. Our current database lists billions of dollars in unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets that belongs to over 100 million people. Find out how much of it belongs to you.


Global Discoveries is a professional unclaimed and lost asset location and recovery firm with a solid financial foundation and more than 100 years of combined experience helping individuals, estate heirs and organizations of all sizes successfully reclaim assets they were unaware existed. Many of our clients are large financial institutions, governmental agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, and nonprofits. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most satisfying recovery process possible through our core principles...

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